How to make an outdoor side table from a plate and a planter

Guest post by Metal Maggie

Tada!!!I made a pair of outdoor side tables with just a couple of $2 plates and old plant holders. Here’s how you can do this too!

How to make an outdoor side table…

What I used:

  • old plant holder
  • metallic black spray paint
  • sander block
  • plate or surface to be used as table top
  • strong glue

paint off!

Step one: Strip it

I tried to get as much paint off as possible and then sanded it to a smoother surface.


Step two: Sand it

I peeled off the old paint that crumbled easily, then sanded it down with the block.

Paint it!!

Step three: Paint it

I used a black spray paint with a metallic finish. I think it makes it look fancy.

glue time!!

Step four: Glue it

I chose Gorilla Glue, but any good glue that bonds metal and plastic should work to secure the plate to the planter.

Put enough adhesive on the bottom of the plate so that it grabs on well.

you so heavy

Step five: Clamp it

I couldn’t actually clamp these so a big bottle or a bunch of books should do the trick. I used a nice heavy bottle of weed killer to act as my “clamp.”

side table for my patioNow they’re perfect for holding your radio…

side tables…Or a cold drink on a hot day.

Comments on How to make an outdoor side table from a plate and a planter

    • My guess is that it’s just the design of that plate. Think of the awesome table top possibilities with all the cool plate patterns out there!

  1. I normally cringe at DIY things as my thumbs are barely opposable, but this is a project I can get behind. Looks like the perfect place to rest my beer and ashtray.

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