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Lord of the Rings cable reel table

Cheryl Hellcat’s grandpa turned a cable reel into a table. Then Cheryl turned the the cable reel table into a Lord of the Ring fan’s dream piece of furniture.

How do I transform an ugly desk without taking it out of the room?

Homies, I need help. I have the ugliest desk imaginable. What I can’t figure out is… how it made it’s way into my house. It was here when I moved in, and even without the unscrewable legs, we can’t take it out any of our doors.I need to paint it, style it, anything — but I have to be able to do it inside. Can you homies help me transform this ugly desk?

Singer sewing machine + cutting board = perfect bedside table

The Homie with my favorite Flickr name, Precious Roy, submitted her makeover of a vintage Singer sewing machine as a bedside table.

Your kitchen needs a retro diner booth!

If you have room, you have to do me a favor and take advantage of Retro Planet‘s free shipping deal on their retro diner booths. Wanna take a few measurements of your breakfast nook, or maybe your game room, and then check out some of these awesome booths? If you promise to get one of these and let me live vicariously through you, I’ll show you my dream booth. Lookie…

Steampunk dragon coffee table is a thing that is real

Dude. Yes. Steampunk + dragon + table = OMG FUCKING RAD I DIE. I didn’t even know we lived in a world where steampunk dragons were a thing — let alone that I could rest my damn feet on one. You know, once I shelled out $450.

Rainbowify your ugly old table with gift wrap

Check out my rainbow table — a DIY! My parents had some ugly old brown laminate-top table in the basement and said I could have it for the apartment. My mom had a great idea to cover it with some gift wrap she had leftover. We made it up as we went along and basically went with the principle that Mod Podge can do almost anything.

How can we eat on the floor without making our guests feel weird?

My fiance and I love to eat on the floor. We have a table that we like and we sometimes use it, but we’re just more comfortable on the floor.

We recently had a friend over for dinner and it was a little weird for him, so I want to come up with ways to make eating on the floor more comfortable for guests.

Other than cushions or mats, what can you do to make eating on the floor feel comfortable… and maybe even a bit posh?

I turned a storage barrel into a magical wine table!

I’m becoming a bit of a recycling center junkie — my husband and I go for a “hot date” every week and come home with a bootload of “treasure.” These barrells are storage barrells used by a health food company to import bulk spirulina etc. and cost a whopping NZ$1 each. The paper I used also came from the center — about $2 for a huge carton of old maps, sheet music and atlases — decoupage heaven!