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How to build a Japanese-style heated floor desk

I’m all about floor-furniture like the kotatsu, a 14th-century invention used in many Japanese homes all winter. It’s like the floor-oriented table often associated with Japanese homes, but with the added convenience of a heater and blanket. Sometimes I have daydreams about how awesome it would be to have one of these suckers. SO WARM. So cozy. None of the crampy discomfort of a western-style desk!

I’ve got a little floor-desk of my own going on, and this IKEA hack came just in time for me to play with.

Vegetable-inspired tables: packed with vitamins, minerals, and good design

If ever you dreamed of furniture made in the likeness of vegetables, designer and woodworker David Rasmussen is your man. These tables are beautiful, mod, and so so colorful.

Hexotica’s Queen Anne table renovation: from broke-down white thrift find to goth fab

Hexotica runs a lovely gothic fashion blog, and shares with us today this mini transformation of a creamy, curvy table into a glossy piece which fits more comfortably into her gothiness.