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How to build a Super Bowl snack stadium

Soon, ‘Mericans everywhere will cheer on their spandex-clad warriors while eating fried food and drinking beer! If you’re hosting this seasonal celebration, why not take it to a whole new level and build a Super Bowl snack stadium? (Come on, do you love ‘Merica or not?)

Don’t force-drunk your friends: Let them spike their own punch

Those who want boozey punch can make their own punch boozey and those who don’t have a delicious refreshment available sans alcohol.

Throw this birthday party: Superheroes and Monsters

For my daughter Em’s second birthday we decided to go with a monsters and superhero theme. Em loves monsters and I really love the idea and concept of celebrating the primal animal creature that is generally outcast by society and misunderstood for its difference. Our family celebrates difference, so why not celebrate monsters? I also was super excited to celebrate and make room for the toddlers exploration of the “hero” archetype. We all have our own particular super strengths and I’m all for advocating the idea that we are all our own hero.

Dinner is coming: My Game of Thrones-themed 29th birthday feast

I got this fancy idea in my head that I should throw myself a Game of Thrones birthday party, simply because I love the show and have been listening to the books NON STOP for weeks and weeks now. The endless descriptions of all the succulent food featured in the novels was driving me nuts. So I made a fire, invited over the masses, and had a feast. Here’s how I pulled it off…

Throw this “spooky food” party!

Every October, I host a “spooky food book optional club.” You don’t have to read anything for that, either. However, I get my OCD hostess urges out of my system and inflict, er, treat my friends to some unusual recipes. So far, everyone has survived these spooky treats…

Celebrate turning 40 with your own Harry Potter-themed party

Some of you Homies might not know it (yeeeeet) but I have a pretty serious thing for Harry Potter. I squealed about twelve decibels higher than I usually do when I saw this Harry Potter-themed birthday party that Tina threw for herself in honor of her 40th birthday, and had to share.

Brew Bash: 30th birthday beer tasting party

To commemorate my husband turning the big 3-0 this year I knew we had to do something EPIC. After much thought, consideration and Pinteresting (is that a word yet?) I settled on a beer tasting. Here’s how we threw a 30th Beer Bash…

Use these haunted bottle labels for your Halloween party

These bottle labels will either make your Halloween party that much more awesome OR completely discourage drinking and thereby ruin your party vibe. (I keed I keed.)