How to build a Super Bowl snack stadium

Guest post by Ms. Are'ite

Seattle_Snack_Stadium_hugSoon, ‘Mericans everywhere will cheer on their spandex-clad warriors while eating fried food and drinking beer!

If you’re hosting this seasonal celebration, why not take it to a whole new level and build a Super Bowl snack stadium? (Come on, do you love ‘Merica or not?)

It can seem daunting, I know, but I found some cheats to make the construction a little less labor intensive. Here’s what I did:

Bankers boxes: I used a total of 22. (Eight on each long side, three on each shorter side.) Super glue the boxes together.

superbowlsnack3Cut and connect four aluminum foil pans (together, they are approximately 34″ long x 14″ wide).

Hand-cut old styrofoam packaging, so you have rounded edges. Add cardboard strips to the top four sides of the stadium. Then I added red-check basket buddies to line the (s)eating areas.

Snack Stadium Seahawks 5
Finally, I used craft paper to wrap the exterior the first year, then this year just re-skinned the snack stadium with our home team — the Seattle Seahawks.

If you have room on your table, you can make the “parking lot” with mini chocolates bars.

PrintYou can either be an incredibly generous host and fill the stadium yourself, or feel free to use this stadium (s)eating chart so that your guests can pick which “seating area” is theirs to fill.

super bowl snack stadiumThen snack away, and enjoy the game!


Check out all the tips and tricks I learned for having created a Snack Stadium three years in a row.

Comments on How to build a Super Bowl snack stadium

    • I admit, growing up, as someone who doesn’t care about football, the Super Bowl was just an awesome excuse to eat a lot. We always had a ton of veggies and dip, so really my indulgence wasn’t all bad…

  1. BRA-vo!!! This is amazing!

    I don’t watch football, but somehow the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto has become part of my extended family’s holiday tradition in December. I am going to blow them away next year!

  2. This is amazing! Look at that detail: blimp overheard, lights, and what appear to be jerky goalposts! I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin it by eating from it.

  3. These are all over the internet. I love them! I like the bankers boxes idea! Very cool! I’m trying to determine a good dip for the field if you don’t like guacamole. Bleccchhh avocados!!

    • Spinach artichoke? Or once I made surprisingly green hummus by just adding some spinach.

      (I definitely go to football parties for the friends and the food.)

    • Seven-layer dip with shredded lettuce on top? Just omit the guac layer. 😉 I did last Halloween because of bad avocados and no time to replace them. The dip was just as good.

    • I also want to say how glad I am that someone else doesn’t eat avocado.
      Mine’s for a food allergy, so I just look at them and think “The pain! It burns!” I have a huge aversion to anything with avocados.

      • Or: I’ve had soy-bean hummus dip stuff once that looked like guacamole. I assume that it was made similar to hummus but with soy beans instead, but it was at a restaurant so I really can’t say.

        Anyway, as someone without an avacado-aversion, I was actually a little disappointed when I bit into it although it was mighty tasty. 😉

  4. Thanks, everyone! The center field is guacamole. Other snacks in the stadium are taquitos, quesadillas, pronto pups, veggies, chips, pizza, corn dogs, wings, cold cuts, cheese, onion rings, jalepeno poppers… Last year we filled it ourselves . This year, we’re letting our guests “sponsor” sections. Also – we are in the process of re-skinning the stadium this year to reflect our home team – Seattle Seahawks. (Nothing against the Broncos! Denver is my second home!) If you want to see what the new stadium looks like, follow us on Facebook – I’ll be posting pix soon!

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