Celebrate turning 40 with your own Harry Potter-themed party

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All photos by Tina.

Some of you Homies might not know it (…yet!) but I have a pretty serious thing for Harry Potter. I squealed about twelve decibels higher than I usually do when I saw this Harry Potter-themed birthday party that Tina threw for herself in honor of her 40th birthday, and had to share:

Tina didn’t play: this party includes spot-on decor, butterbeer, handcrafted wands (she has a tutorial right here), gems to represent the different Houses while players win points, Patronuses, a trivia game, a “catch a key” game, AND Potions class. GUYS I CAN’T EVEN. Just look at these photos:

LOOK AT THESE INVITES they’re so legit! The seal is killing me!

Butterbeer! She used a variation on this recipe.

These wands are all appropriately measured and crafted, and I just… can’t believe it.

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House points!

Time for potions!

Allllll the details are right over here. Apparently Tina is no stranger to badass birthday parties: in the past she’s also thrown Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Alice in Wonderland-themed shindigs that you can see on her site.

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  1. Wow, I read through the whole story of the party on her site, and I am BLOWN AWAY by her creativity and the details and the games and and and… I want to attend this party! Or throw this party! Or [all the verbs] this party!

  2. Eeeeeee! Gorgeous! I’m not the biggest Potter fan; I had some problems with the books and don’t get me started on the films, but the concept is absolute genius and the creativity it has inspired in fans has had awe-inspiring results. Actually I like fans’ interpretations more than the source material! This is a particularly fine piece of work, thanks so much for posting about it. Tina’s site is really lovely.

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