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How to play Quidditch Beer Pong

Over on Offbeat Bride, we featured a Harry Potter bridal shower where they played Quidditch Beer Pong. I asked Rachel how to play, and she gave me all the magical details. Grab your butter beer, ping pong balls, and your wands, and let’s play!

The 12 bad-ass stand-up coolers that’ll make your outdoor parties “chill”

I was at a small house party recently where the owners of said small house had the coolest freaking party accessory ever — a counter-top-height cooler on wheels. It was compact, it was brightly colored, it had a bottle opener built in, and it was full of booze… it was beautiful and I want one. So now I’m on the hunt for a best outdoor party accessory ever. Grab a cold on and join me?

Throw together a last-minute party that celebrates ‘Murica

Cobbling together a last-minute Fourth of July party doesn’t have to be hard. The easiest way to throw a last-minute party is always to host a potluck/BYOB shindig.

How do I host non-drinkers without making them feel excluded?

My in-laws recently decided to stop drinking, and they’re healthy and happy with the choice. However, I’m in a spot when it comes to an upcoming family party: I’ve never hosted non-drinkers. How do I gracefully support their choice without making them feel excluded or singled out?

Rainbow jello shot cake: The ultimate addition to any party

What’s better than bringing Jello shots to a party? Bringing and entire Jello shot cake, of course! I got the recipe online, but there are definitely some tips to make this whole ordeal a lot easier. Here’s how I made it…

Throw this party: The at-home birthday 5K

This year I turned 31, and I wanted to do something special. So I planned to host a 5K run for my birthday at my house. I wanted to run 3.1 miles with my friends and family. Here’s how I did it…

This Game of Thrones party snack spread should win the Iron Throne by rights

The most important thing that has every happened to me, my reason for living — Game of Thrones — is back on the air. Every Sunday I have a group of friends over to my apartment and we watch the magic and the madness unfold together. Usually I just put out some cheese and crackers, with enough wine to make Cersei proud. So imagine how huge my eyeballs got when I saw this spread show up in our Flickr pool…

Play Oscars Bingo this Sunday

Remember going on long road trips, and being super bored, until Mom whipped out those auto-bingo cards to shut you up? Well, now there’s something kinda like that for adults to play, in case you’re getting bored, during the Oscars!