Puerto Rico’s unobtainable bathtubs

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Last month I took a press trip to Puerto Rico to tour destination wedding and honeymoon venues (full Offbeat Bride post RIGHT HERE!). It was a lovely trip, but I was keenly aware that many of the venues we were touring were TOTALLY out of range for 99% of my readership. We’re talking $3000/night hotel rooms, $15,000 ballrooms, etc.

Rather than get frustrated, I decided I would start taking photos of some of these lovely venues’ beautiful bathtubs so that we could all admire and be inspired. Most of these tubs are not in places most of us can afford, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing!

Silver rooftop bath tubs at San Juan's Villa Herencia. These actually ARE attainable, since their room rates are under $200/night.

Yes, fine. This is actually a shower. A glass-encased shower in a bedroom at San Juan's brand new Hotel O:Live. Who wants to put on a show for me while I lounge in bed? HMM?
ERMAGERD. The moral of the story with this tub is that plants on either end of even a modest bathtub could make it look more awesome. Location: Su Casa at Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach
Modern! Sleek! Amazing. Oh and that window? A private outdoor shower. OMG WUT?! Location: Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach
Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach again, different tub. See the outdoor shower!? HOLY SHIT.
Oh deep, freestanding bathtub with a faucet in the middle… How I wish you were mine. Location: Su Casa @ Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Who wants to share some links to their own unobtainable bathtubs?

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  1. Are you kidding me?! I LOVE outdoor showers and beautiful tubs with vista views. I oddly enough have an entire Pinterest board devoted to them!


    Some of these photos you took will definitely be added to my board of drool-worthy bathrooms in exotic locales. Thanks for the Monday morning eye candy!

    • I love the idea that you typed “show” when (I think?) you meant shower. Especially since both are appropriate in this context… wink-wink-nudge-nudge-say-no-more.

      • Dat glass outdoor shower. Always keepin’ the goods on display.
        But forreal. Anywhere I’d place an outdoor shower, it’s as much a show for the wildlife as the wildlife would be a show for me. SO MUCH NUDITY, SO MUCH FUN.

      • That’s absolutely NOT a typo. I meant SHOW, as in, I’mma lay on this bed and you’re going to put on a show over there.

  2. Wow, what a coincidence…we just went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon 6/9-6/16! I hope you had a lovely time, isn’t it such a neat island?? We did NOT stay in any of these fancy-shmancy places, but a nice little boutique hotel called the Acacia Seaside Inn off Ashford Ave in Ocean Park. Gotta say, PR is a wonderful place for honeymooning, SO glad we went there! Look forward to the Offbeat Bride post…

  3. My husband and I honeymooned in Puerto Rico, and came home with some great memories and great photos. We stayed in “guesthouses” which are between a B&B and a hostel. Many are private rooms with private baths. Guesthouse Andalucia in San Juan was our favorite, with a open-air design and a hot tub that was rarely occupied. (On a nice beach, in a good neighborhood, close to everything, and comparatively inexpensive!)

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