Paul’s red bus in New Zealand

Guest post by Lauren

Paul Wood is a local plumber who has recently completed his bus renovation. He intends to use his bus for short holidays away from home rather than permanent living, and it’s sparsely furnished and decorated — just as he likes it!

We spy Paul’s red bus parked outside the Bush Fairy Dairy. Paul has just completed his work on it.

Paul chose to repaint the bus in its original colours. It used to be a local school bus — back in the day when all schools maintained their own fleets of buses with mechanical workshops and drivers.

Chopper greets us as we step into the bus. He doesn’t mind visitors.

Inside, Paul has chosen a very minimalistic design. He doesn’t like overhead cabinets and says his bus doesn’t contain anything that he doesn’t put his hand on every single day.

The kitchen space contains a gas cooker and built-in sink with 200 litres of water ready for use.

A small wood stove keeps the bus toasty in winter. Paul says that he has already been living in the bus during the cold months because the heater is so effective in the small, insulated space.

It’s been lovely to talk to Paul and hear about his work on the bus.

It’s always fun to look in other people’s travelling rigs, and this one is a more unusual size than we usually see. Thanks for letting us look around, Paul!

Comments on Paul’s red bus in New Zealand

  1. I am in no way a minimalist, but this is amazing to me. This would make an awesome RV-substitute. Love the removal of overhead cabinets – such a small change, but one that makes such a big difference!

  2. Oh wow, I grew up in small country town in NZ and distinctly remember our school bus that looked just like this (well, from the outside at least!). This is fantastic!

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