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Global homes

Although we’re based in the United States, we feature homes from around the world.

A Gaudi-inspired sparkly art nouveau summer house

This is the story of the Russian-style summer house I crafted in my backyard in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In ten months, and for less than £5,000, I took it from clay model a to stained-glassed, mosaiced den place to drink a Guiness whilst foxes run in the garden.

For sale: two bedroom flat in a 130-year old church, complete with arched ceilings

Come in! Enjoy the views of this UK apartment: its green lawn, its cathedral ceilings, its stone window casings. Picture yourself in this special home in the countryside.

Ethereal and dreamy artist’s studio in New Zealand

WOW — here’s the dreamy white and blue studio of Jinx in the Sky, filled with high-shine glass and vintage accoutrements. Enjoy!

Villa Vals: A home cut from a mountainside and fit for a super villain

Villa Vals is a rentable property in Switzerland that doesn’t seem like it should exist in this century. Maybe in an alternate year 2011, one where Thor has come to Earth and fallen in love with Natalie Portman and you are sad that he did not fall in love with you before he joined The Avengers.

Victoria’s English garden summer studio/occasional shop

Victoria started posting her sweet little backyard studio shed in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool. And with each photo, I fell a little bit more in love with her space. Come along on a tour!

A bright and happy retro-styled Sunshine Coast apartment, filled with Blythe dolls

You won’t believe the quick work Nicole and Greg made in decorating their new apartment: they just moved in six weeks ago and already it’s full of thrifted funky goodness.

Australian anti-minimalist 1970s house that will bring you to colorgasm

These folks have curated their vintage object collection, and their house is filled with so much cool stuff from the ’70s that you’ll give the decade of bell bottoms a second chance.

A bitty Spanish apartment with BIG color and 19th century brick ceilings

In a post straight out of House Hunters International, we’re touring a 6th floor walkup in Barcelona. This place has it all: hardwood, Eames furniture, a European balcony and — oh. 160 year-old curved brick ceilings.