Upside down boat makes an amazing retreat

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Sometimes I go virtually traveling the world, via Airbnb. This is part me getting future vacation ideas and part lusting after amazing properties around the world. And every now and then something like this upside down boat-turned vacation rental pops into my browser, and I think: I MUST SHOW MY HOMIES!

Yes, that is half an upside down boat that you can rent for $129 a night in Turkey. It’s no longer available to rent though, but would you like to learn more info about it? Yeah, me too. But THIS is all the description said:

An upside down boat on a cliff overlooking the Aegean sea 50 meters away from your private beach. A shared shower and wc and kitchen.

So let’s look inside, shall we? And I’ll tell ya — the inside is cool, but it’s a feature built into that deck that has me squeeing.

I LOVE this platform bed underneath the wavy lines of the ship. SUCH a pretty moment. Also, yay for that color scheme, amma right?

Extra bonus to an upside down boat living space… the ceiling looks freaking AWESOME!

But THIS, oh this… is my FAVORITE part of this strange-tastic property — the fire pit that’s built down into the wooden deck. Is that even safe? I don’t know, but I know that it’s amazing.

When this home/boat owner, Yannis, says that it’s “on a cliff overlooking the Aegean sea” he’s not being vainglorious. That’s the view of the property from a boat on the Aegean sea. Pretty amazing view, right?

Now I’m curious, are there any more boats-turned-houses (not houseboats, mind you) that you know of? I’m loving this.

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  1. for one thing this boat house is no way in Konya. Konya is inland. Does this an obvious mistake by the host so it will stay secluded or something shady going on is unknown to me though.

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