Use removable wallpaper on your kitchen breakfast bar

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temporary wallpaper in your kitchen

I was perusing MyHabit for some home decor inspiration (because watching HGTV all day long isn’t enough of a fix for me) and I came upon this awesome kitchen decoration idea. If you have one of these pony walls/breakfast bars in your kitchen, think about using reams of temporary wallpaper on the side that faces out to your living space.

It’s a super-damage-free way to kick up the offbeat decor in your home without ruining your rental, and there are massive amounts of personality-complimenting temporary wallpaper from which to choose.

Weekend project, anyone?

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  1. I love this idea, but has anyone used that temporary tile in their kitchens?? I’m wondering as it says it can be removed by the heat from a hair dryer, so if ur cooking does it have the possibility of coming off?

  2. Lovely. Perfectly lovely.
    I am curious however how easy it is to remove the wallpaper. Is it like a static cling sticker where there’s no adhesive? Seems like too large an area to depend on static electricity to keep up.

    • I just clicked on the link and answered my own question : it’s got adhesive. Reading the amazon reviews, I see there was only 1 person who tried to remove it and compared it to removing contact paper ( and also that it took a chunk of the wall with it ).

      If I were a renter, I’d give this a pass. Even if I did a “test case”, I’d be reluctant to bet my security deposit ( and then some? ) on it because adhesives become more difficult to remove as time goes on.

      • Agreed. I want to try so many no damage decor ideas, but it seems that lots of them have potential to cause damage. I do like decorating, but I do need my deposits back when I move out of places. Non refundable pet deposits are bad enough on their own!

  3. I have wrapping paper on my kitchen cabinets in my rental. Held on by light tack double sided tape in the corners they will come off easy-peasy when it’s time to move. And, if the mood strikes me, it’s cheap to change my decor!

    • Haaay… I know you… I like your blog.

      Also, that’s genius. Could use scrapbooking paper or regular wall paper (minus glue, obviously) as well.

  4. another baskets moment: doller store shelf liner. i got some cute brown gingham with apples on it and used it as a backsplash in my apartment. i used sewing straight pics, which leave teensy holes that normally dont even show, and i tkept the wall clean so now that i am moving out, i dont have to scrub grease off the walls behind the stove , or soapy resdiue from over the sink. cost me 5 buck to do my whole kitchen.

  5. I highly recommend . I know the young lady who started the company and have personally tested this paper. The choices are great, the website shows tons of new and different ways to use peel and stick paper, plus Elizabeth’s a doll.

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