Impromptu #christmastree on the wall
Need a little last-minute Christmas cheer? Take some inspiration from Homie Tiffany Steinke, who uploaded her “impromptu Christmas tree” to our Flickr pool. Make a tree out of a string of lights!

Then kick back and sip cocoa, or mulled wine, by the glow of your easy-yet-festive wall tree!

Comments on Make a last-minute Christmas tree with string lights

  1. I’m sad that one of your bulbs has blown.

    Awesome tree idea.

    When we lived in a tiny studio apartment with a very naughty kitty I got a 2ft, half a tree that hung on the wall

  2. My mom had a hang-on-the-wall tree when I was a kid (so…about 25 years ago!) and I’ve never, ever seen another one in my whole life! I wish I’d seen this post before Christmas though; I had a spare set of lights and was desperately trying to find a use for them… Oh, well, there’s always next year!

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