23 fun & useful dorm decor items to max out your space

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Wire Wall Grid Panel

If you’re starting to think about heading back to college in a month or so, you might be researching how to maximize the teeny tiny space that is your (likely shared) dorm room. Or at least thinking about making it more your own. There’s nothing quite like the blankness of those bare walls when you first move in. And this is doubly so if you’re moving in to an apartment.

Either way, I found some super kicky and useful dorm decor to get your brainstorming into high gear, including a few more fun items. Not everything has to be super useful.

Let’s get to the dorm room shopping…

Mid-Century Modern Round Black Wood Nesting Side End Table

A tiny stackable end table to keep by your bed for your glasses, coffee, books, etc.

Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

I love this portable, light and narrow storage option for stuff like office supplies, socks and knickers, or hair and makeup supplies. It’ll probably fit into a nook beside your bed or desk, too.

The statement piece everyone will recognize.

Modern Table Desk Lamp 

A dorm-sized gold and marble table lamp that looks super chic.

Macrame Wall Hanging

These little macrame cuties are great when you want to have something on the wall that won’t cause any damage. One of those little clear 3M hooks should do the trick. Or maybe you’d prefer one that held photos?

The perfect no-damage decor for covering walls is definitely a chic tapestry.

Rivet Mid-Century Curved Wood Table

In case your dorm doesn’t come with a desk (or you’re moving on to off-campus housing!), this sleek desk can fit in most small spaces.

Desktop Organizer

When shelving is at a minimum, adding height to your surfaces is a great way to maximize space.

USB Charger with 4 USB + 3 AC Outlets

This one isn’t so much decor as just useful. For charging all your electronic goodies at once, this little gadget is key.

Homesick Scented Candle

You can bring the familiar famous scents of your home state with you to combat the inevitable (and temporary!) pining for home.

Foldable Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are amazing at packing a lot of stuff into drawers and not losing track of it all. All of my knickers and socks are mostly black and it tends to be a big jumble without something like this.

“Not Today” Laundry Bag

Probably the most accurate laundry bag ever.

Adjustable Task Table Desk Lamp

An adjustable task lamp that follows your work wherever it leads.

Wall Mount Mail Organizer

Your keys, your roommates’ keys, your roommate’s friend’s keys, and whatever other clutter you might accumulate can have a home here. Here’s a cool rose gold metal version, too.

Gotta have that mood lighting, amirite?

Easy Peel + Stick Gold Wall Decal Dots

I’ve been rocking removable wall decals since forever and they’re always awesome and reusable whenever I move.

For cozying up that stiff wooden dorm chair you probably have. Or for just making it more stylish.

Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover

And for when you’re just sick and tired of that hard-ass chair. The classic bean bag chair got a comfort upgrade.

Bedside Caddy

A super useful bedside caddy so you’ll always know where to store your phone, gadgets, and current reading material when you’re hanging out in bed.

Y’all definitely need an homage to a new hero. I think this one is most appropriate.

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