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no damage decor

These are things you can add to your home without a permanent installation. Can’t paint your apartment walls? No prob. Can’t even put tacks in the wall? We’ve got you — in this category.

DIY this simple, no-damage, statement piece headboard

I’ve been trying to update my guest room/study for the last two years. It seemed to me that I just needed one simple focal point — which should be the bed. I was on a budget, on a mission and working with a limited amount of space. It seemed like the best solution was to create my own headboard using fabric.

Shower curtains: Make your bathroom shine without paint

Cary asked: “My new husband, and I rent a heritage house in Vancouver BC. Unfortunately, the bathroom has been subjected to a cost-conscious (rather than a design-conscious) refurbishment. It functions perfectly well, but it brings us down to have to go into such a ugly place each morning. Surely there’s something we can do that goes beyond painting to make it a less utilitarian space.”

Yes! There is! My easy answer is: get an awesome shower curtain and invest in matching accessories. Here are a few of my favorite shower curtains full of personality.

Decorate your space with this no-damage, rainbow gallery wall

Love the look of gallery walls, but don’t love the idea of pounding nails over and over until you get it looking right? Are you also a big fan of rainbow color schemes? I think I just found your ideal wall decor…

Everything’s better on a stick!

Whether it’s foods, drinks, or decor, being on a stick makes it portable, fashionable and fabulous. Here’s our savory, sweet, and sometimes even swanky roundup of all things Offbeat Home & Life… on a STICK!

Cthulhus like to wind down, too: tentacle wall decal for your tub

This tentacle wall decal from StickerBrand makes a good argument for sharing your bathtub with cephalopods and their ilk. Available in an amazing range of colours, these bothria can attack any bathroom decor.

Electrical tape mural of the NYC subway system

Check out Homie Jsaxena’s DIYed wall mural. She created this work of wall art out of electrical tape, based on the 1972 Vignelli subway map. Wanna see how she did it?

Use window tape to decorate clear surfaces

I just found out about the wonderful world of glass tape! Open up your rooms to a whole new world of surprising style when you use funky-patterned glass tape in several different ways