Make a custom wreath out of holiday bows from gifts past

December 11 2013 | meggyfin

bow wreathThanks to Offbeat Homie Tiffany for uploading this to our Flickr pool, and giving us all an awesome holiday decor idea. If you happen to keep and collect and save your awesome holiday bows from holidays past, round 'em up and make a custom wreath!

Think of all the color combos you could make with this idea — go all white Christmas style, work in your non-traditional color scheme, or make a rainbow wreath to match your rainbow tree!

This one gets points for hiding the ugly (or at least utilizing it) with the thermostat!

  1. I love this idea! I never know what to do with those bows, but I hate to just throw them away. Now I have a great Boxing Day project!

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