My favorite color is this combination of colors

Over the past year, I’ve favorited a lot of photos containing this color combination. Some of them are of actual interiors, or homes, or at least buildings, but some of them are of waterfalls over tunnels in sides of mountains in China.

So short of having straight up torches on the walls or just living on a window-washer platform outside my apartment, forever looking in at dusk, how do I replicate that kind of light?

Skull door knobs: creepy or the best thing ever?

I am floored and excited to share with you these amazing skull door knobs. I can’t tell if I would LOVE to encounter these in a home, or if it would freak my shit out to have these guys sneak up on me. The coolest part about them: they contain an extra little surprise when you touch ’em.

3 pieces of patio decor for a trippy forest party

I’m poking around outdoor goodies these days — things to light up decks and patios on summer evenings, outdoor foodwear, and games — and I found a few really cute things I wanted to share with you.

12 constellation projects, products, and pretties that bring the night sky inside

Oh, how we love the starry skies popping up all over the place lately. In artwork, in home products, in themed BEDROOMS! There is nothing more relaxing than a serene reminder of the skies over our heads. In an ideal world, we’d all have a skylight over our beds and fall asleep under the stars, but since that’s not feasible let’s see how else we can catch a few stars for ourselves.

6 ways to use strings of twinkle lights all year long

Hands up: how many Homies have a cadre of Christmas lights boxed up somewhere? Sounds like you have some project ideas to brainstorm this weekend — especially if you’re living in a dorm. These projects SCREAM “battling bland.”

Renting: Adventures in Lighting

When looking at places to live, there are certain things that just don’t cross your mind. I never realized how important lighting was until I started to rent. Apparently, I need a lot of light to function. Or, rather, I like having the option of a lot of light.

I grew up with a lot of light, I guess, so I didn’t know I had this need until I got my first apartment. Now I know what I need to look for to be well-lit and happy.