No damage moose antler decor, a rainbow of handmade owls, and a bevvy of LEGO-related Clicky Links

Updated Oct 12 2015

Hellllllllo, Offbeat Homies! Welcome to December. I know it's a few days old, but moving into December feels like an important time of year. I'm looking at lots of posts about winterizing, holidays, parties, cookies, and inclement weather. Southern Hemisphere! I love to hear what life's like for you, and we've got a post just for you coming up later this week.

I have a challenge for ALL readers, both hemispheres, any continent: I want to meet your offbeat pets. I'll be looking through photos for one of my childhood cat Mischief, a runty calico missing a leg and an eye. Share your non-standard poodles this week right here.

Let's get the week going with a look at what's been going on with photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and things we've pinned via the Offbeat Home Pinterest account.

tp roll owl ornaments!
I've come across a LOT of tutorials on using toilet paper rolls as decor, and I always roll my eyes -- till now! Morgwnmakespeace made owl ornaments that are WAY cool.

moose form
So NOT cool demonstrates no damage decor with this moose form made of copper wire.
Thanksgiving Table
Heverus set up a VERY nice Thanksgiving for two. It looks less like Martha Stewart, more like Dr. Jekyll's romantic date night at home.
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Tortugan Lass and her dude had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving instead of flying home or spending all their money on food. Toast? Pretzel sticks? JELLY BEANS? Talk about you doing you -- you guys ROCK.
'New' dresser light details.
Evita made a constellation dresser light and you'd better BELIEVE I will not rest until I get a tutorial out of her.

I bought a set of these Christmas cards, and I have NO IDEA what I'll do with them, but after I read the story behind their creation, I just had to. Source: via Cat on Pinterest

Clicky Links: All-LEGO edition

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  1. i was pretty much forced to buy those santa cards also! I can already think of 3 or 4 people who will love those!

  2. O Monday Montage, O Monday Montage,
    How lovely are your photos.
    They are cool when days are hot,
    they are hot when days are cool!
    O Monday Montage, O Monday Montage,
    Your photos are way awesome.

  3. Aren't those tacks in the wall holding up the moose antlers? Wouldn't that count as damaging the wall? I know it would under the terms of many leases and dorm room agreements.

  4. Considering that all my friends have horribly sick senses of humor, I have just purchased a bunch of those cards! I can not WAIT to get them!

  5. love the creepy cards! christmas on the west side of Australia is awesome! i love it! its hot, sticky and we drink lots of lovely champagne to keep us cool haha. wake up, open pressies, then lunch with hot and cold food, then nap then quiet dinner/play with my new toys! everyone should try a summer christmas at least once.

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