Make your own nautical lamp using hemp rope

Guest post by Laura Tharpe

On the left: basic supplies. In the background, you can see a completed lala lamp.
This is a pretty simple lamp to make. You can use any type of lamp — one you’ve already got or one you scoop out of the clearance bin. The first lala lamp, in the background of this photo, cost just $20. The bones of this lamp cost a bit more.

To begin, gather your supplies. You’ll need:

Plug in the glue gun for a few minutes. When she’s warm, take a length of hemp rope and begin by tying it around the top of the lamp. Then lay down a bit of glue and start winding the rope around the lamp base. Glue, wind, glue, wind.

Keep working. Wind it all the way down the column. Wind, glue. Wind and glue.

When you’ve completed the base, add an odd number of vertical strips all the way around. Remember: an odd number! Just glue them right on top of the horizontal hemp.

Now, begin weaving a new string of hemp over and under the verticals.

Wrap a second layer around the base and the top, and then you’re done with the hemp. Now for the shade.

Draw a flower on your fabric, then cut it.

Gather the middle of the flower and stitch round and round from behind. I’ve also frayed the edges of my flower.

I hot glued an applique to the center (and doubled up the flower on this one).

Once all the flowers are completed, glue them to your lamp. Plug in and enjoy!

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