Tea Collection has internationally-inspired clothes for babies and kids that allow for a little gender bending

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A few of my faves from Tea Collection: Magnolia Batik Dress, Jasmine Ikat Harem Pant, and the Arjuna Stripe Sweater.

I am the guiltiest of guilty online shoppers: I loooove finding and buying stuff from my computer chair. This is especially true when it comes to kids’ clothing, so finding US-based Tea Collection was like finding an oasis of colorful bird-and-frog adorned batik wonderment in a desert of stripes, robots, and frilly pink ensembles. Extra awesome: the company makes giving back to children its mission. In fact, Tea Collection has partnered with The Global Fund for Children and allows customers to donate 15% of their order total to their local school — both of which are pretty rad.

So the biz is doing good while producing good — what’s not to love?

Girls (sizes 2-12)

Featured: Radiant Rice Tee, Egret Batik Tee, Pedal Pushers, and Terrific Tank.

With the exception of the Egret Batik Tee (on sale for $19.50), I’d put all of these on my son — they’re fucking adorable! The Radiant Rice Tee (sale price is $16.50) is particularly gender-neutral. SOLD.

Boys (sizes 2-12)

Featured: Long-sleeved purity tee, Gajah Tee, Poleng Long Shorts, and Colorblock Shorts.

I am obsessed with all four of these boy’s items: the long-sleeved yellow tee is on sale for $12.50, and it might be my favorite thing that’s ever happened in children’s clothing. You can get it in eight other colors (including neon green and orange)! COLORS! It’s also very clearly boy-and-girl-friendly, as is the super adorable Gajah tee (sale price: $15.50). SCOOP ‘EM UP!


Featured: Bird of Paradise Top, Akita Print Bodysuit, Desa Stripe Hoodie, Cargo Baby Pants, Tori Print Bodysuit, and Leap Frog Tee.

You know what I love about these baby options? All five of the tops/onesies can be paired with the cargo baby pants ($15.50) — and they’re all adorable. The Desa Stripe Hoodie is a particular favorite of mine — it’s versatile, loose, and looks to be ultra baby-friendly (read: would be totally fine if meals were spit up on it).

Gender-neutral baby clothing is typically pretty easy to shop for — it doesn’t take much to make an item boy and girl friendly! While Tea Collection excels at doing so, they do have a few girl-specific options that I have to at least mention, lest I die from being the only one who knows about the cuteness. The Jasmine Ikat Romper (on sale for $20), Laut Batik Dress ($30), and Dancing Fern Dress ($25) are just TOO CUTE, I say.

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  1. Tea makes great clothes! We’ve purchased some of their stuff at consignment shops and some new stuff too. The clothes are quality pieces. Just a hint for ordering–I find that they tend to run a bit small. My daughter is small for her age (10th%) and fits the recommended ages for baby clothes pretty well, better than most clothes. So order a size up if you have a big baby.

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