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How I shop for toddler clothes

Most of my son’s clothes are from the Goodwill. I don’t wear much vintage myself, so I’ve never really been a “dig through the racks” kind of person. But when it comes to finding clothes for my son that are uber-cheap but non-offensive to my aesthetic, I’ve developed a technique.

An ode to skinny jeans

Kayden, my step-son, seems to be following in the same footsteps as myself and his father. He’s relatively unfazed by the current wave of en vogue accoutrements for middle school boys. Skinny jeans, however, were just too powerful a force to overcome. He needed to have skinny jeans.

Adorable (and smart!) clothes for you and the baby from Eat Your Vocabulary

Some of you may remember Joriel — she wrote a tutorial for us about how to do baby shower onesies that, well, don’t suck. And now she’s opened an Etsy shop full of her unique take on smartypants clothes for mamas and their babies.

Matchy McMatchersons!

While I think it’s kinda weird to dress your kids like mini-me ALL the time … sometimes it’s super cute. My husband and my daughter own matching orange crinolines, for instance. This in mind, I bring you Supersweet Creations and their cute matching tie shirts. While the picture is of Dad and son (a hottie […]

Mixtape Onesie for your little audiophile

As a mixtape maven myself, I would *DIE* to have my little bundle o’ love sporting this cute little onesie. They’re hand screenprinted on 100% cotton so theyre safe and comfy for your wee babes. They’re available in 3 mo., 6 mo., 9 mo., 12 mo. and even toddler sizes, so you have no excuse […]

Self-rescuing princess t-shirt – You’re darn right

I am probably betraying my geekier sensibilities here, but if we end up having a daughter this is exactly the kind of message I want her to send to the world: Seriously, I can’t think of a better shirt for a little girl to wear around. Why not give her a head start in feeling […]

This pirate skull tutu — does it come in adult sizes?

Ok, so since we’re talking about princess phases … clearly, I’m still stuck in mine. This is one of those outfits that makes me regress a little. The zebra-print ribbon? The skull applique? The ridiculousness of the tulle? So, until I find out if my unborn son likes tutus, trucks, or both at the same […]