Superhero-themed tutus for your wonderling to rock life in

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Photo via Fashionably Geek.

When Megan sent over this link to a set of incredible superhero-inspired tutus on Fashionably Geek I inevitably had two thoughts: HOLY FUCK THIS IS SO CUTE! and WHY DON’T THEY MAKE IT IN MY SIIIIIZE?

There’s tons of tutu awesomeness at the Etsy shop — and they’re not all superhero-themed.

You can check out more at Fashionably Geek and the Etsy shop, Goody Goody Tutus (note: the shop is closed until the owner gets back from vacation on June 23, 2012).

And PS: Etsy has plenty of adult-sized tutus, too.

Comments on Superhero-themed tutus for your wonderling to rock life in

  1. Princess tutus are totally okay when you get to be Princess Batman!! (Wow, I had to try really, really hard to refrain from typing in all caps, I’m so excited. I never type in all caps.)

  2. I had the exact same thought as Stephanie…. I really wish they made superhero tutu in grownup sizes….

  3. Goody Goody Tutus is not affiliated with fashionably geek!! GGT has an etsy store where you can order from the actual person who made the tutus shown in this post.

    • Hey Deborah — I just wanted to point out that I did link to the shop as well in the original post. 🙂

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