RAWR: Etsy delivers handmade lion-themed cuteness for that little kid you know

Updated Oct 12 2015
Lion hat and diaper cover set2
Photo by HiLL.jO

How absolutely ADORBZ is this lion hat and diaper cover set made by Offbeat Families Flickr pool member HiLL.jO?! SO cute I had to cruise Etsy to see what other lion-themed preciousness is available, and naturally that's a veritable treasure trove of diaper covers, birthday cakes, nursery designs, and so. many. outfits that are waiting for you to "AWWW" all over them.

AAHHH I love this lion hat! If you don't know a baby who can rock it, someone else also makes one for cats.

If you feel like your little isn't ready to commit to full-on lion regalia, this super colorful lion emblazoned t-shirt could be a great way to get their feet wet.


The price tag on this lion and giraffe diaper and hat set is a little steep ($79), but the adorable factor? THROUGH THE ROOF.

OMG you guys, I had to throw in a link to this adult-sized lion-colored tutu because hey: $29 and I can frolic around like I'm in The Lion King? Sold.

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