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My husband’s boss is coming over! Should I hide the zombies and naked ladies?

My husband just informed me that in a few weeks, his boss has so graciously picked our house to hold their monthly “briefing.” Our two front rooms, where everyone would be for this little get together, are full of my husband’s zombie and macabre paintings, and pin-ups. I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or weirded out. I’m wondering if I should take some of the paintings out, get lots of flowers to distract from the gory goodness, or just let it be? How do you make such an offbeat space into a crowd-friendly one?

Haunted horror-themed house in Seattle

This week’s home tour is a my special Halloween gift to y’all — a haunted house in a de-commissioned B&B in Seattle. It’s all decked out the way you’d hope a haunted house would be — antique child’s coffin coffee table, antique Halloween goods, metaphysical library, “haunted” ventriloquist dolls, and even snakes abound in this house.

Monday Moment: eerily beautiful exposed-brick corner

Tatum Witter (of $7 chair makeover fame) has been uploading these amazing gothic decor moments from her home into our Flickr pool. While I’m desperate for her to give us a home tour, we shall have to be satiated with this eerily beautiful moment, created in a corner of her home.

Creating a creepy year-round house that doesn’t feel “Halloweeny”

Where can you find horror decor that’s not Halloween tchotchkes? And how can you keep the creepy spirit in your home year-round, without just looking like you forgot to take down your Halloween decorations?

Cut your pastries with a bonesaw

Libby Bulloff, the Seattle-based slightly-creepy awesomepants who brought us The Satanic Wrath and Evil Despair of Infernal Yardwork presents this lovely breakfast photo of the breakfast she had last weekend.

As she explained: “Stephen takes a genuine bonesaw to a pair of chocolate croissants he baked this morning. Like you do.”

Never sleep alone: a zombie hunter’s bedding set

Anyone shopping for a horrific touch in the bedroom? Get individual sheets and pillowcases from christiemelissa — or a whole set for $125.

The all-red house and a painted doorway in India in this week’s reader photos

Start your week with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. This week: an elephantine bathroom and a twinkling cold frame for winter veggies. In these Clicky Links you’ll find lots of sites to waste a little time on.

Click through, too, to find our links on submitting YOUR stuff to Offbeat Home!

Make Ouija Boards of a different flavor at your artsy craftsy Halloween party

This October we had a few friends over and all whipped up our own spirit boards in different styles. Star Wars? Check. Self-styled ninja script? We’ve got it.

See how we did it, and how you can make your own spirit boards this week.