Cut your pastries with a bonesaw

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Croissants and Bonesaw
Photo by Libby Bulloff

Libby Bulloff, the Seattle-based slightly-creepy awesomepants who brought us The Satanic Wrath and Evil Despair of Infernal Yardwork, presents this lovely photo of the breakfast she had last weekend.

As she explained: “Stephen takes a genuine bonesaw to a pair of chocolate croissants he baked this morning. Like you do.”

If you lean toward the slightly morbid and horrortastic end of the spectrum, using a bonesaw to slice breakfast pastries you baked is a great way to remind your brunch guests of the circle of life: first brunch, eventually death.

Get yours here: Satterlee Bone Saw for $30

Comments on Cut your pastries with a bonesaw

  1. wait wait wait wait. are you telling me chocolate croissants are a thing I could make? with my hands? in my house? and then stuff in my face???
    I don’t know why it has never occurred to me that delicious baked goods might actually be achievable without five years of patisserie school and a big white chef’s hat and probably a really terrible fake french accent (that last bit I have down though)

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