Make Ouija Boards of a different flavor at your artsy craftsy Halloween party

Guest post by Natalie

Reina's Star Wars Board!

Every Halloween we hold a month-long celebration. I choose a theme and we have activities all month on that theme. Our average group size is about 10 people.

This year we went with a Spiritualist Theme. We made spirit boards, had a scavenger hunt in a park that’s haunted, held a seance in a haunted hotel, and on Halloween we’re culminating it with dinner in a haunted restaurant & a graveyard tour!

The mantel!

For the spirit board party, we designed invites to look like an old Victorian-era photo album. I created 4×6 pages, complete with little stories about where we’d be going, maps, directions, and ghost photos, and mounted each photo into a little album. It was a lot of work, but I only had to make 8!

Here, enjoy our spirit boards!

Before they arrived….

Before our guests arrived, we set up the blank boards.

Waiting for inspiration….

And before we got started, we had to share that awkward time that comes with waiting for inspiration. You can see we have a variety of materials out — spray adhesive, magazines, scissors, paint. You can also see the painters tape on the edge, there! We used it to tape off a border around the boards.

In the Process 3

Reina struck first, outlining her letters in pencil before painting them in.

Jen's board-in-progress.

Jen used a scrapbook page background, and then hand-stamped all of her numbers and letters.

Natalie's Edward Gorey Board.

After staining the board with a dark gray stain, I cut and glued drawings from an Edward Gorey book.

Jeanie's purple and silver board..

Jeanie brought in borders and glitter stickers to give her board sparkle.

Reina's Star Wars Board!

Reina hand-painted her Star Wars-themed board.

In the process.

It took about four hours to make the boards.

Our Make Your Own Spirit Board Party!

Guests were given a 9×12 art board, an acrylic cover, and all of the paint, glue, and other accessories they needed to create their own Ouija Boards! We watched horror movies that featured Ouija Boards, ate yummy junk food, and had a nice afternoon creating Halloween art.

Materials to make your own spirit board

Gather your supplies on a table — cover it if you want — and pair with spoooooooky drinks. Or, you know, a Jack and Coke. Have fun!

Comments on Make Ouija Boards of a different flavor at your artsy craftsy Halloween party

  1. Natalie is most creative when it comes to the month of October. I think the boards were so neat and each one was unique. May she have many more good times with friends during the haunting month!

  2. Yikes. Maybe this isn’t the full story, but it appears that spirit boards have been reduced to a gewgaw. As a Pagan and practicing witch, this comes off as insensitive at best. If you’re treating this with respect and doing more education than horror movies, then by all means carry on.

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