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The best spooky podcasts to fall asleep to

I love listening to ghost stories, stories of weird disappearances, and other unexplained phenomena. And I especially love listening to spooky podcasts while I drift off to sleep. But it can’t be ANY podcast, I have rules…

Fierce Halloween home goods to get seriously spoopy

Killer Halloween home decor finds to get seriously spooky

When I saw this illusion ghost pillow, I knew my current Halloween decor had no chill. It’s upgrade time, y’all. I’m talking vintage Halloween goods, channeling horror movies, creepy cute prints, and wall decals you’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands. Those are going up year-round!

Halloween’s-a-coming, so let’s go see what killer Halloween home decor we can add to our earlier-each-year decorating repertoire…

No place to hide at this horror geek maternity shoot guest starring Jason Voorhees

No place to hide at this horror geek maternity shoot guest starring Jason Voorhees

Jayme and David are the nerdiest of nerd parents and are welcoming their new baby with a bang. Their maternity session guest starred Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. We’re a little late for our last Friday the 13th, but who would ever say no to a repeat event?!

This is a killer horror geek maternity shoot…

Horrifically awesome mortician-themed bathroom

I stumbled upon mortician-themed apothicary jars, and it hit me. I’ve already made an apothecary-themed bathroom, what would a mortician-themed bathroom look like? I’m gonna say, it’ll look something like this…

Use a towel to make a grave, and 3 other final-hour DIY Halloween projects

If you’re looking for last-minute (final hour?) Halloween decor ideas, Homie Sabrina has a ton of easy DIYs that you could do today… probably with things you already have in your home! Check out how to make a grave from a towel, how to create “witch lanterns” from Mason jars, the cheap and easy way to rust plastic, and how to make drippy candles that won’t ever drip.

Make your own boney shoes fit for a Grim Reaper on holiday

My house is one stone sarcophagus from becoming a crypt, thanks to the piles of skeletons, bones, skulls, and various asunder bits and pieces that could be turned into bones given the right time. So of course I figured I needed to add more to my bone collection with boney shoes…

Make your own bloody, gothic pumpkins!

I made these bloody gothic pumpkins, and you can too! Use them for home decor, party decor, doorstops, or bookends. I used pumpkins, but there are also crafting apples, pears, flowers, and more that you can use this method on. These are so super easy to make I bet I barely need to explain. But here we go…

Magnets and deep claw marks: how we made our own industrial noticeboard

We made this Rusted-up, industrial, post-apocalyptic notice board out of a scavenged steel plate. It’s the first step in our post-apocalyptic adventurer home. And it’s pretty easy to do yourself!