Magnets and deep claw marks: how we made our own industrial noticeboard

Guest post by Caitlin

Offbeat Bride readers might remember Caitlin and Jos’ wedding. Now they’re Homies who’ve made this awesome industrial noticeboard!

Industrial noticeboard

We made this rusted-up, industrial, post-apocalyptic notice board out of a scavenged steel plate. It’s the first step in our post-apocalyptic adventurer home.

Here’s how we did it…

  1. Find yourself an enameled steel plate.
  2. Then, using a wire brush, scrub the heck out of it. If you want the “claw marks” in it, use a knife or other tool to create them.
  3. Either leave it outside for two weeks, or spritz it with water every day for two weeks.
  4. Then, buff it with sandpaper until the rust/tarnish is evened out.
  5. Repeat the water thing for two or three days.
  6. Spray with a sealant to prevent further rust.
  7. Hang, and use magnets to attach important information!

You could also turn it into a shelf or tabletop if you wished.

Comments on Magnets and deep claw marks: how we made our own industrial noticeboard

  1. This is amazing and makes me think of Firefly (which I know was not quite the point, but that old rusted down look, ya know?). And I really really hope you submit your post-apocalyptic adventurer home for a profile!

    • Sure, when it’s even halfway there. We’re still living with the previous occupants decor at the moment. It turns out that buying a house is expensive. We haven’t even painted yet 🙁

      But soon! And once it’s there, you’ll have your tour. So, hopefully in about a year?

      • But my office is going to be done first, so once that’s done I’ll submit some pics. Though that’s going to be more ‘hanted forest’.

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