Make your own bloody, gothic pumpkins!

Guest post by Arcticfox

I made these bloody gothic pumpkins, and you can too! Use them for home decor, party decor, doorstops, or bookends. I used pumpkins, but there are also crafting apples, pears, flowers, and more that you can use this method on. Just check your local craft store and see what inspires you.

Of course, you don’t even have to use red glitter paint. Why not use green glitter or glow-in-the-dark paint? Get creative with it. It might be awesome to use green paint for the stem and then black paint for the “blood” portion to make it look like some sort of possessed/diseased/moldy thing.

These are so super easy to make I bet I barely need to explain. But here we go…

Here is what I used:

Now, onto the process:

Step One: Make sure you have a clear work area and all supplies handy.

Step Two: Put down the paper towels to make sure you don’t get paint on something you don’t want to get paint on.

Step Three: Set your pumpkin on the towels.

Step Four: Take your small brush and paint the color you want on the stem, in my case black, around the edges of the stem/leaf/whatever carefully. I do this first to make sure my edges are clean. I am basically tracing the leaf/stem.

Step Five: Use the medium brush and the same paint color to fill in the rest of the stem/leaf/whatever.

Step Six: Let paint dry.

Step Seven: While the paint is drying ,clean your small brush with the water.

Step Eight: Once the item is dry, get out your second paint, I used red, and paint inside the cracks and crevices on the stem with it. Use plenty so that some of it drips to get the bloody/moldy effect.

Step Nine: Let dry and then place where you want.

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