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Check out this awesome Megaman bedspread!

Don’t be fooled by the baby in this photo, that bedroom belongs to a pair of adults. This is what Offbeat Homie Drgnsyr had to say about this geeky bedding choice…

5 real-life design lessons I learned from The Sims

Years before I became a homeowner, way before I moved into my first apartment and took interest in decoration my living space, I played The Sims. My firsts design screw-ups, brilliant ideas, questionable color choices and architectural fantasies where all tested on my favorite video game. All in all, I had tons of fun, testing, creating and learning. And isn’t that what decoration should be about? Fun! Here are the five things that playing The Sims³ taught me about decorating in real life…

Get bragging rights for your pet with Cute Fight

My dog Charlie is The Cutest Dog. He’s sassy and scrappy at the same time. He hates getting wet and loves to be cuddled, but he’ll dig a hole six feet underground and rip cardboard to shreds. …What’s that you say? Your pet is cute, too? Let’s take this to the internet — with Cute Fight.

Gamify your chores for great justice

You can game-ify your home, but did you know you can game-ify the way you CLEAN your home? Unlock your inner champion for real-life rewards. Make a giant real life game out of your day-to-day chores to motivate yourself and your spacemates (while having more fun)!

Gamers need lovin’ too!: How to love and live with a Gamer

My husband is a gamer. Not a random “whenever I’m feelin’ it” kind of thing, but a serious GAMER. I, on the other hand, am most assuredly not. I know we can’t be the only couple out here like this. It’s inevitable in this day and age of gaming there are multitudes of gamer/non-gamer couples. Yet every single person I know has asked me at least once “How does that even work? If he’s always on [insert game here] how is your relationship not suffering?!” Well, there are some very decidedly nice perks about gamers…

Do you have two-player game ideas for pouty losers?

My husband and I like to play games but we can’t seem to find much to play together. He’s into Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons; I’m more of a Trivial Pursuit kind of gal.

The real problem is, I’m a bit of a sore loser so we try to find two person, non-competitive games. Do any offbeat homies have ideas on games we can try out while I work on my sportsmanship?

Make edible 1-up mushrooms out of tomatoes and string cheese

This is how to make my tomato and mozzarella with olive oil and herbs salad with 1-up mushrooms. I made these for a Changeling: The Lost character creation session, and they were a big hit!

Fallout video game-inspired home decor

There’s one thing in the decoration department that I love to do more than decorating on my own place: decorating my video game character housing. So what happens when two obsessions collides? This happens: An inspiration board from a pretty awesome video game — Fallout 3-Tenpenny Towers.