Check out this awesome Megaman bedspread!

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megamanDon’t be fooled by the baby in this photo; that bedroom belongs to a pair of adults. This is what Offbeat Homie Drgnsyr had to say about this geeky bedding choice…

In the past my husband has commented that “our” room felt more like my room with my carefully executed star theme and furniture from my childhood. So for our anniversary this year, I bought him this. His comment? “Fuck yeah, Megaman!”

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  1. 8-bit quilting! i love it!!!

    (8-bit images lend themselves really well to cross-stitch as well. i made my kiddo a bib when he was teeny that has all the mario prizes on it.)

  2. I did a quilt once. I will NEVER do it again. It was hell. Kudos to the quilter who walked through the valley of the shadows of death and did this amazing piece!

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