Get bragging rights for your pet with Cute Fight

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My dog Charlie is The Cutest Dog. He’s sassy and scrappy at the same time. He hates getting wet and loves to be cuddled, but he’ll dig a hole six feet underground and rip cardboard to shreds. …What’s that you say? Your pet is cute, too? Let’s take this to the internet — with Cute Fight.

Cute Fight is the creation of Derek Powazek, who some of you may remember from this post on Offbeat Home & Life, and some of you may have read about in the Offbeat Bride book. Here’s the scoop:

Cute-Fight is an online game you play with your real life pets. Members become “managers” and create profiles for their pets (aka “fighters”) and then challenge others to a Cute-Fight. The winners of these fights are determined by the community vote. Winners get special trophies and everyone has a good time.

Give your pet a nickname, a special move (Charlie’s is “The Bed-Takeover), and rally the troops to vote via Twitter to ensure that he or she comes out on top. Don’t worry if your pup/cat/lizard/bird/etc. loses a Cute Fight, though: the consolation prizes are just as cute as the winners’ trophies. So what are you waiting for? Make a profile and meet Charlie in the arena!

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