Make edible 1-up mushrooms out of tomatoes and string cheese

Guest post by Mimismashie

edible 1-up mushroomsThis is how to make my tomato and mozzarella with olive oil and herbs salad with 1-up mushrooms. I made these for a Changeling: The Lost character creation session, and they were a big hit!

Step one:

Use Campari tomatoes — they are bigger than cherry tomatoes, and rounder than plum tomatoes. I just washed them and cut off the part with the stem.

Step two:

For the mushroom stem, I used string cheese, the mozzarella type, and marinated it in olive oil, italian spices and garlic overnight. It didn’t really soak up any of it so you could probably get away with giving the cheese a quick dip. I used 1 inch (rough) pieces.

Step three:

Put the cheese and tomato on a toothpick. If I had to do it again, I would probably use skewers, cut to size, because the toothpicks weren’t quite long enough to put in the lettuce without messing up the “paint job.”

Step four:

Painting on little white dots of cheese with a toothpick. I used whipped cream cheese but you could probably use sour cream or ricotta cheese.

Comments on Make edible 1-up mushrooms out of tomatoes and string cheese

  1. I’m working on a museum exhibit on video games (which is pretty sweet), and now I totally want to have a potluck party to celebrate when we’re done, and bring these! So awesome!

  2. My nerd rage won’t stop me from mentioning that these are super mushrooms, not 1-ups.

    But the rest of me thinks they’re adorable. I’ve done something similar using radishes carved into mushrooms before; you just peel the skin away to make the white spots. But cheese and tomatoes are friendlier to eaters who may not like the spice of radishes. <3

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