5 real-life design lessons I learned from The Sims

Years before I became a homeowner, way before I moved into my first apartment and took interest in decoration my living space, I played The Sims. My firsts design screw-ups, brilliant ideas, questionable color choices and architectural fantasies where all tested on my favorite video game. All in all, I had tons of fun, testing, creating and learning. And isn't that what decoration should be about? Fun! Here are the five things that playing The Sims¬≥ taught me about decorating in real life…


Get bragging rights for your pet with Cute Fight

My dog Charlie is The Cutest Dog. He's sassy and scrappy at the same time. He hates getting wet and loves to be cuddled, but he'll dig a hole six feet underground and rip cardboard to shreds. …What's that you say? Your pet is cute, too? Let's take this to the internet — with Cute Fight.