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Am I the only one who squeals “ETSYYYYYYY!” when stumbling upon an artist as fabulous as Katie Berggren? In this case I didn’t stumble as much as I was directed by reader Sandy, but you know what I mean. Anyway, on to the reason we’re here:

Lyric by artist Katie Berggren.

You know what’s extra great about this piece? With the possible exception of the longer eyelashes on one partner (because I’m pretty sure there are people of all genders who love some eyelashes), it’s nearly totally ambiguous — is this a mother-father-and-two-kids painting? Two moms and their kids? Two dads? Are the kids biological or adopted or both? We really have no clue, but what we DO know is that there’s a whola lotta love there:
Like Minded by Katie Berggren.

This… just makes me want to go cuddle my kiddo. A lot.

I Will Help You Grow by Regina Lord.

It’s a baby-wearing magnet! Only $3, you guys. I think a lot of fridges need to be bedecked with one of these.

Madre carrying child by Alejandra Oseguera.

I love, love, love this. I can’t even count how many times we’ve played this game with Jasper.

Alice Blue by Kat Hannah.

While I do ADORE these pieces, I did notice one thing: I found VERY few representations of non-white families. Know of any artists on Etsy who have more color in their art? Tell me!

Comments on Super awesome parenthood art from Etsy

  1. I have been ogling Katie Berggren’s beautiful prints since I was pregnant. Every time I seem to hit a new milestone in Mamahood – pregnancy, nursing a newborn, snuggling a toddler – I discover another one of her paintings that speaks to me perfectly.

  2. These look amazing! And thanks for adding that last little bit, I would love to make a purchase but I really would rather have art that looks like my family, you know?

  3. Those are lovely!

    I’m an artist myself and since I found out I was pregnant, I keep drawing pregnant things and mermaids and mer-children. Some of them are on my Etsy –, though I am partial to the first one I drew since it is such a marker in my life.

    I also love love love the watercolor prints by JooJoo, an artist from Canada. This one of a Mother and Child is my favorite – and though it has just a little color, it still is so vibrant!

  4. Katie Berggren is amazing! I bought one of her pieces not too long ago and I love it! Her work makes me want to have kids just so I have a nursery to hang it in.

  5. My mom collected mother and child painting when I was young – I loved them, and now that I have my own babe, find myself picking them up as well. One of my favorites for both mother and child(ren) and other familial and individual illustrations is Maxine Noel. She does really amazing sort of earthy yet ethereal native american painting.

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