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A guide for friends and family of parents with a Preemie

Being a parent of a preemie is hard, and being a friend of a parent of a preemie can also be pretty tough. Here’s a few helpful hints, tips, and things you can get for the awesome preemie in your life!

Super awesome crayon-themed Etsy round-up

It’s been a while since we’ve shed some love on Etsy! So check this stuff out. Three words: Education. Chemistry. Crayons. Now say it with me! Educational chemistry crayons! These beauties come from Que Intersante, which also sells bags and clothing, but these crayon labels have my heart. A set of 24 is only $10, […]

Adorable (and smart!) clothes for you and the baby from Eat Your Vocabulary

Some of you may remember Joriel — she wrote a tutorial for us about how to do baby shower onesies that, well, don’t suck. And now she’s opened an Etsy shop full of her unique take on smartypants clothes for mamas and their babies.

Zbelle’s insanely cute brimmed beanies

I begged Etsy seller Zbelle to let me try out one of her brimmed beanies and ZOMG. The cuteness! I’m a huge fan of the brimmed beanies for myself and while I don’t want to get all matchy-matchy with my kid, I can’t help but want to dress him in some of my favorite styles. […]

Ear scarves for cosplay kids

So, I was ogling this psychedelic bunny ear hoodie, and stumbled across these adorable ear scarves: Because really, what kid doesn’t need a scarf with ears!? Dangit. The cosplay folks have all the fun…

Mixtape Onesie for your little audiophile

As a mixtape maven myself, I would *DIE* to have my little bundle o’ love sporting this cute little onesie. They’re hand screenprinted on 100% cotton so theyre safe and comfy for your wee babes. They’re available in 3 mo., 6 mo., 9 mo., 12 mo. and even toddler sizes, so you have no excuse […]

Why yes, these are steampunk baby booties

For your little neo-Victorian who needs a pair of spats-styled, multi-buttoned, lace-enhanced shoes for their next dirigible ride, may I present to you the cutest purple steampunk baby booties evar?!