Funky monster-themed accessories for your kid… or for you

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I know it’s October and all, but I have a thing for monster-themed stuff pretty much year-round. Since it IS October, I thought it’d be extra fun to dig around on Etsy and see what the wide world of crafty handmakers has up its sleeve.

I actually met the brains behind Htavos Kooky Monster Art Shop at Geek Girl Con, and purchased one of their “La-La Monsters” (they’re designed by his five-year-old niece!) — which unfortunately don’t appear to be listed at the shop! But you can snag one of these Toaster and Pop Tart Twin Plushies, which are suuuper cute:


See also: the monster plush section, the classic NES controller pillow, and, even though it’s bad and all, this fucking adorable rainbow cigarette plush.

The Blue Magnolia is another Etsy-based shop that’s serving up the cute. While she hand-knits all kinds of things, her monster hat totally caught my eye:

The missing eye is kind of my favorite part. See more HERE!

Ok so, I’m just gonna put it out there: if anyone reading this has ever wanted to get me some kind of amazing gift, one of these monster hoodies would be it:

These go with everything, right?

Happy Hoodie Friends also has a vampire furry hoodie and a pink furry cat hoodie. I don’t even know if I can handle the internet right now.

Ok, parents of kids who are losing (or will lose) teeth: get ready for this. Fang Dangles are cute little monster pillows that have a pocket where the mouth is — a pocket that’s perfectly designed to hold TEETH! This yellow tie-dyed monster pillow is my personal favorite, but they’re all really adorable:

The great thing is you can also store all kinds of stuff in there… toys, snacks, etc.

Stuff It Creations is an Australian-based monster lover, hence these amazing rainbow monster arm warmers:

I'm not sure where I'd wear them, but I know I would.

You can also get furry rave leg warmers, headbands featuring cat ears, and a giant green squid plush… just, you know. In case that’s what you’ve always wanted.

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  1. The girl who runs Stuff It Creations is a friend of mine and it is AWESOME to see her listed here :). She’s amazingly talented and her plushies are super adorable! I own a fair few (including a fair amount of tribble plushies) and I’ve started a collection for my little boy. I just placed an order for a few plushies that will be some of his christmas presents actually…

  2. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog-site! First, I absolutely love the crochet monster hat! Second-this blog-site is a great find! I’m looking to connect with other mothers who are into a more natural lifestyle! I can’t wait to learn more!

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