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From hunk of wooden junk to chalkboard underwear dresser

Offbeat Homie, Shootdanielle (of gorgeous silk scarf curtains fame) uploaded this inspiring before and after into our Flickr pool. I begged to know more about the chalkboard “underwear dresser,” and she was kind enough to divulge…

From mod to modern: ’60s-era dresser makeover

Offbeat Homie Jessica — aka “Not Exactly Martha,” aka the mastermind behind that bishop chair makeover — uploaded her newest makeover to our Flickr pool. This photo is just a little teaser for the impressive bright and mod dresser update. Seriously, it’s impressive how a little paint can create such a drastic change such as this…

Before and after: Craigslist buffet-turned-TV-console

From the Homie who brought us the re-usable paper towel roll, and the Craigslist chair makeover comes this GORGEOUS buffet table-turneed-TV console makeover. This just might have you re-thinking that old buffet — or even dresser — that you’ve been thinking about giving away…

3 steps to vintage-ifying a brand new dresser

I really wanted a dresser in my dining room. But my husband struggled with the concept of painting a potentially old and lovely piece of wooden furniture, so my next idea was to buy new and make that look antique by using this three-step process.

A “baskets!” hack for broken dresser drawers

Ever have a drawer malfunction on an awesome dresser? I have met that sad fate, and my faithful, trusty, and much loved dresser was out on the curb by end of day. Oh, if only I had half the brains of Offbeat Homie Tess, who totally had a “baskets!” moment with this dresser drawer makeover.

Colors and patterns like WHOA on this DIYed, Bohemian-style dresser

Check out this fucking brilliant before and after highboy dresser action from mollykb. Quite the dramatic change, no? This makeover says I’ll see your “fresh paint” upgrade and double down on some patterns and funky knobs. Thankfully she explained how she accomplished this Bohemian dresser look.

Paint your own ombre dresser drawers

Ombre — or having colors or tones that transition into one another other — is huge in the fashion world right now. This aesthetic can also be used in home decor, like with this ombre dresser.