Colors and patterns like WHOA on this DIYed, Bohemian-style dresser

Updated Oct 12 2015

Check out this fucking brilliant before and after highboy dresser action from mollykb. Quite the dramatic change, no? This makeover says I'll see your "fresh paint" upgrade and double down on some patterns and funky knobs.

Thankfully she explained how she accomplished this Bohemian dresser look.

BeforeThe dresser after four layers of brightly colored paint had been removed then sanded down.


I painted the dresser body a satin Valspar paint called "bonaventure." Then I took my four favorite scrapbook pages to Staples and had them copied and blown up on thinner paper. Then Mod Podged them to the drawers. Sprayed a few coats of Mod Podge brand clear coat. Added new knobs from Hobby Lobby and lastly stenciled henna and gold colored designs on the dresser top.


Tell me you're not thinking about doing this to your dresser now! Because HELL YEAH!

  1. Dude this is PHENOMENAL. It never occurred to me to have things copied onto bigger paper. I'm gonna do this to my kitchen cabinets!

  2. I'd love tips on removing paint from old dressers. I have a gorgeous old dresser I rescued from a goodwill, but it is smothered in about 50 layers of neon paint, crayon scribbles and other nastiness. What do I need to tackle this bad boy?

  3. on the track of removing paint, any tips for doing so/or mods that can go right over old paint for those with little to no outdoor space to sand?

  4. "lastly stenciled henna and gold colored designs on the dresser top."

    So, where's the picture of that? You can't just tease us with something like that!


    It looks awesome. 🙂

    And it reminds me I need to get back down into the basement and keep stripping the dresser I got last week.

  5. Holy shit! Love this–we have my husband's stepsister's old dresser, which for some reason he wanted to move with us to our new apartment…even though it is covered with phone numbers and phrases like "SMAK DAT" all over it. NO LONGER! My new summer project.

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