Before and after: Craigslist buffet-turned-TV-console

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Before and AfterKristen, the Homie who brought us the re-usable paper towel roll, and the Craigslist chair makeover, brings this GORGEOUS buffet table-turneed-TV console makeover.

This just might have you re-thinking that old buffet — or even dresser — that you’ve been thinking about giving away…

CL Buffet-Turned-TV Console: After

After2SMGotta love that yellow table runner! Actually, you gotta love this whole thing. Now who has a buffet or dresser who could use this treatment?

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  1. I LOVE furniture done over like this. It makes my heart sing. I probably would have gone a little bit different way, but this is still amazeballs and I am obsessed with that color.

    I have a curio cabinet that needs some love. A LOT of love, and I am considering a similar look, but possibly with some vinyl decal action….

  2. I’m not at all ever interested in furniture with curly-q’s on it… but I LOVE this redo!

    It has that little bit of a rockabilly vibe thanks to the colour and the touch of femininity to the dresser. Fantastic!

    • @Natalie- I washed/lightly scuffed the whole thing with a fine grit sanding block, used Zinsser water-based primer tinted to gray (2 coats), and 2 coats of Behr latex enamel paint in Tucson Teal. The silver on the doors was a metallic Martha Stewart paint. I glazed the accents with a dark brown and wiped away all the excess so the glaze stayed only in the grooves, for a clean look.

      All told, it probably took about 6 hours of work spread out over a 5 day span (which allowed the primer to cure). I added the runner because we got our TV on Black Friday (first ever Black Friday purchase!) and I was worried the paint wasn’t fully cured. There is wax paper hiding under the runner to stop the weight of the TV from sticking to the paint.

      Once you have a few tools in your arsenal, you won’t have much to buy for future projects. The only thing I bought new for this project was the metallic paint and the fabric for the runner.

  3. I. LOVE. THIS. Whenever I see stuff like this on sites like apartmenttherapy, the comments are always like, “Oh no, how could you paint over that beautiful wood???” and I’m like, “But it’s so AWESOME now!!!”

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