A “baskets!” hack for broken dresser drawers

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Cabinet Before & AfterEver have a drawer malfunction on an awesome dresser? I have met that sad fate, and my faithful, trusty, and much loved dresser was out on the curb by end of day. Oh, if only I had half the brains of Offbeat Homie Tess, who totally had a “baskets!” moment with this dresser drawer makeover.

And, in true Offbeat Homie style, her cats help model this re-model…

dresser before

Tess explains her before and after makeover:

Spray paint makeover on a beat-up cabinet. One of the top drawers was broken so I replaced them with baskets. Not bad for my first adventure with spray paint (I think)!

dresser after

Not bad at all, Tess. I love the color, and I LOVE the idea of filling your broken cabinet space with baskets.

Comments on A “baskets!” hack for broken dresser drawers

    • how and where do you find baskets to fit the drawer space, my dresser and chest of drawers need a make over. I got the paint removing and repainting but don’t know where to start finding the baskets

    • Not if you chose baskets with some look of weight to them, or added something to the baskets to give them that feeling. I think this only works with modern designs, but maybe one of the cloth baskets with a large, metal, circular handle? Or even something with an industrial, corrugated metal look.

    • Actually, after seeing this post I sawed off the bottom…lip? whatever you call that piece of wood that is normally underneath the drawer (the drawer that should go in there is broken) and so far the whole thing hasn’t collapsed. I don’t know if that’d work for most chests, though.

      Edit: mine was just one big drawer, not 2

  1. This could not be more perfect. My daughter’s cherrywood dresser has warped so much the middle drawers not longer fit. We bought it less than a year ago. So glad I found this!

  2. Old bookshelves can also be given new life this way. For years in undergrad I put all my clothes in baskets on collapsible shelves, instead of buying an expensive dresser. Made moving SO much easier!

  3. I so did this last year! I was driving home and saw a dresser on the side of the road with a “free” sign on it. So i loaded the bad boy up, fixed it up. It was missing it’s middle drawers so I put trays in them (they were long but short drawers).

  4. Great minds think alike! I just did this to the Ikea TV stand DH put together wrong. We have had it for almost 2 years and the drawers never really worked. We went to TJ Max and Marshall’s for baskets, with a tape measure. Micheal’s had a ton as well although not for quite as cheap.

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