Paint your own ombre dresser drawers

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Source: via S on Pinterest
Source: via S on Pinterest

Ombre — or having colors or tones that transition into one another other — is huge in the fashion world right now. This aesthetic can also be used in home decor, like with this ombre dresser. You can easily achieve this look your by choosing your gradient colors from a paint chip card. Then just buy the sample sizes in each of the colors, and there ya go. Easy ombre drawers.

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  1. So brilliantly simple! Even for the color disinclined like me. I mean I love color, but sometimes I have a difficult time with the subtlety of shading. This makes it foolproof. I wish I had something to “ombre-ify” but alas, all my furniture is expensive solid oak amish made stuff. Gorgeous, timeless, and decidedly NOT funky.

    • May not be funky – but gosh darn it, you know it’ll last a lifetime or three! (Or, at least it should….we don’t exactly have any amish living in our area, so I can’t speak from experience, just from hearsay.)

  2. Extra bonus: When you take the dress apart to move it you know what order the drawers go in. If you have ever taken all the drawers out of a dresser you learn that they only go back in one order.

  3. The paint chip thing was a total baskets moment for me! Like duh, obviously all the colors on one chip would make an ombre pattern… why didn’t I think of that?! 🙂

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