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Make your own homemade dishwasher detergent

I fear my hot water bill is going to be SKY HIGH next month! For the last couple of weeks I have washed and re-washed and re-washed AGAIN load after load of dishes trying to figure out just the right “recipe” for clean and CLEAR dishes! After taking a good, long look at my own dishes, I had to admit that the homemade version wasn’t doing quite as good a job as the stuff in the green box I’d been using for years.

Of course the store-bought stuff hasn’t been doing as good a job as IT used to do either since the ban on phosphates in dishwasher detergent went into effect. It took us MONTHS to figure THAT one out.

Anyway, I’ve got it sorted now — and I’m pleased to share.

Learn from a slob: $4 gets you a cleaner, more organized home in 28 days

We talk a lot about successfully riding the bucking stallion of cleaning and organizing, and today Nony from A Slob Comes Clean comes on board as our new sponsor.

Nony’s got a new e-book called 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, wherein she lays out a simple, stepped plan for conquering your inner slob. Using kind words. Words that won’t spook your feral inner slob.

You wash, I’ll dry — but that’s a lot less work when I’ve got an open-air kitchen cabinet

This is what I want, now: a dish-draining cabinet. Instead of shelves, use open-bottomed slats to dry dishes. Water can drip down into the sink. I had no idea they were such a trend in Northern Europe! This cabinet style seems brilliant — cut down on work by cramming dish drying and dish storage into one step.

Fluid Friday: Spice up the morning routine with fancy pants coffee mugs with naked ladies, creatures of the deep, and video games

I love dressed-up everyday useables like cool coffee mugs. It seems like they’ve been popping up more than normal lately, and I’ve found some really nice ones to share. Just watch out when you get to the bottom! Some of these cups are tricky.

What’s the least water-intensive way to hand-wash my dishes?

How do you conserve water in your houses/apartments? Specifically, I’m most interested in the eco-friendliest, most water conservation-minded way to wash dishes without a dishwasher?

Supply your shindig with eco-friendly disposable plates from

Doesn’t it just hurt to buy disposable plates? The paper ones are flimsy and the plastic ones are PLASTIC, but sometimes flatware just won’t work — a huge party! A big reunion at a park! For a more sustainable option, sponsor supplies eco-friendler bamboo tableware.