Fluid Friday: Spice up the morning routine with fancy pants coffee mugs with naked ladies, creatures of the deep, and video games

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Fluid Friday means that today we’re covering all things drinkable. Enjoy! -Cat

I love dressed-up everyday useables like cool coffee mugs. It seems like they’ve been popping up more than normal lately, and I’ve found some really nice ones to share.

Artist Esther Horchner designed skinny dipping tea service sets, spotted on Lost at E Minor.

Fangamer has these too-cool Mario pipe mugs, which you can accessorize handsomely with block coasters.
I'm seen the shark version a few times, but only found this octopus mug on Archie McPhee after more looking.

Way more interesting than taking the morning’s coffee in a freebie mug you got from the bank, yeah?

Comments on Fluid Friday: Spice up the morning routine with fancy pants coffee mugs with naked ladies, creatures of the deep, and video games

  1. Love it!

    We have mugs with different expressions on. Some happy, some tired, some confused, one looks hung over. It’s kind of fun trying to pick the one that best matches your mood in the morning.

    • I got a set of 6 for our wedding! I’m planning to have friends over to use them as the dude and I are usually opting for more sleep rather than time for tea in the morning.

  2. I use a Pac-man coffee mug a friend gave me – without coffee in it, it’s just got the outline, but when you pour a hot beverage in, the dots, fruit, monsters and Pac-man himself magically appear. People at my office seem to like it. 🙂

  3. My two favorite mugs are an off-kilter cup decorated with oranges and found in a dollar store and a Precious Moments mug a friend gave me which declare I’m a little princess.

  4. Aside from our amazing travel mugs from David’s Tea (they have a secret compartment to hold MORE TEA!), my dude and I have glass beer steins from IKEA which I use for tea or hot chocolate because it holds more, Stitch mugs (from the Disney store), mugs that match our snazzy plates, etc. We’re all about the fun and large mugs.

  5. I remember my grandparents used to have a coffee mug with a ceramic roach glazed into the bottom – they used to serve the traveling salesmen coffee in it and wait to see how long it would take them to leave after they finished their cup. (It never took very long, most never even finished their pitches!)
    The octopus mug reminded me of that… I totally covet that mug!

  6. Love the skinny dipper! My favorite mug was a high school graduation gift from my favorite aunt. It’s big and ceramic, with bamboo and Chinese characters on it. I’ve never put coffee in it, so the tea doesn’t taste funny. For a while I worked at three different schools each week, and I had a separate mug at each school, each with its own tea. (I kept four varieties of tea at my main school. It was so nice in the winter, especially during exams. I never stopped drinking!)

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