Learn from a slob: $4 gets you a cleaner, more organized home in 28 days

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Yes or no, and don’t lie:

Do you have to step over a pile of shoes to get in the door?

Share the couch with last week’s homework pile?

Has it been a while since you saw your bedroom floor?

If you’re ready to make a change and get your life in ORDER, our sponsor Nony from A Slob Comes Clean can help.

She’s written an eBook called 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, wherein she lays out a step-by-step method to changing your thinking and building new habits.

The goal of this e-book is to guide you to develop four habits that will help you keep your home under control. Out of disaster-status. And contrary to the assumptions of a Slob Brain, day-long cleaning sessions are not what do this. It’s the daily stuff that does it.

We talk a lot about successfully riding the bucking stallion of cleaning and organizing, and Nony has tamed that pony. She’s a recovering slob, working on running her house well and continuing to improve her skills. Her knowledge will help you get on that bronco and stay on longer and longer each time. Her book lays out a simple, stepped plan for conquering your inner slob. Using kind words. Words that won’t spook your feral inner slob.

Just so you know, this e-book isn’t a method. Methods don’t clean your house. You have to clean your house. This is simply a broken-down-to-the-very-basics-that-normal-people-seem-to-know-but-somehow-people-like-us-have-never-grasped instruction/encouragement book.


Nony details simple steps, I promise. She eases you in — the first WEEK is focused on handling just one task — and moves to block the interrupters which can derail any progress a slob might make to a more organized life: family members, housemates, and Days Off. With Nony’s strategies for decluttering, handling meal prep, and keeping laundry in check, you’ll make big progress — maybe bigger than ever before! — on your disorganized home.

I love Nony’s gentle voice and wisdom. Yeah, I said wisdom about cleaning. 28 Days to Hope for Your Home is solid advice for the self-motivated slob ready to create new habits that’ll get them to a better homelife.

Stop stepping around the piles of shit — GET THE BOOK RIGHT NOW. Buy 28 Days to Hope for Your Home now.

Comments on Learn from a slob: $4 gets you a cleaner, more organized home in 28 days

  1. I *love* this book. Just last night it helped me get the dishes done, and they would have otherwise sat in my sink and bummed me out this morning.

    I’m not even a true “slob”, but this book by Nony is great, it’s simple-yet-genius techniques that anyone can apply… and she’s also funny.

    • I reallllllly enjoyed reading her book. I think I have most of my slobbish habits (mostly) conquered, but I still liked it as a reassurance/yes-you-are-doing-this-right/no-this-is-really-all-there-is-to-it guide book.

  2. As the only slob in a family of OCD neat-freaks, this book might mean that my mother can start coming into my apartment again! Thanks for the reccomendation!

  3. thanks so much, I will totally order this! As an ADD child of a hoarder I have like, no organizational skills and it’s really put such a damper on my productivity 🙁

  4. First time I actually purchased something from an ad from a website.
    Hopefully it helps support the OBE – but it was just too perfectly timed. I’ve vowed to get my house in order over the next month, organized and looking like a family lives here, not a pack of wild dogs.
    so, now i’m off to do my dishes 🙂

  5. I so badly need my apartment cleaned. I can’t do most the work because I am pregnant (chemicals/smells). There’s mold, cat pee/poo in random hidden places, and other general offensive odors I do puke to if I am not very careful.
    My husband is a huge slob and is highly unmotivated to actually clean. He works overtime and is working on losing weight as well as paying off debt before baby arrives, but I need help finding ways to stop being a nag and see results.
    I’m looking into buying a gas mask at this point.

    • I have been pregnant for the last two years, and some things I have found to help are switching to vinegar, dawn, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda as my cleaning products. Vinegar for pretty much everything, baking soda for scrubbing, and dawn and hydrogen peroxide for the tough stuff.

      the vinegar gets rid of all my animals smells (2 dogs, 2 cats). Although, the first time I did a deep clean, it smelled more like urine than before. After the next cleaning, it lightly smelled like vinegar and my apple scented dawn and clean house.

      I also have a dust mask covered in the citrus smell of the week, lime, lemon, or orange juice/oil. Once I had to clean behind the toilet where the cat puked, and I just held a half a lime to my nose. I made it through quite easily.

  6. I bought the book and so far, so good. I love that it’s realistic about what it takes to actually see your house and realize the small things you can do that make a big difference. I’ve been teased for years about my dish(not)washing habits so having it start with that was a good step. I’m seeing more than more things around the house that a tiny bit of work here and there will help. Still working on the hubby going from appreciating my changes to making a few of his own, but I’m hopeful. It’s only been a week. But it has made a huge difference. 🙂

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