Sara’s heavenly laundry room makeover

Guest post by Sara Lindsay

We’ve been getting a load of projects done around the house, but let’s start with looking at my laundry room do-over:

Grody. What the hell with the yellow? It just LOOKED dirty and nasty. Plus, the shelf that we had torn down (you can see the paint outline) was rickety and gross and worthless. Every part of this closet — “room” — needed to be fixed up.

And might I add that if you ARE going to paint your closet a color, could you at least PRETEND to care about your quality of work?

Geez people.

Like every other closet in the house — like every other ROOM in the house — the goal was to get a completely fresh coat of paint up including primer, trim and ceiling. There really has been NOTHING like the feeling of seeing and smelling a freshly painted room around here. I’ve got a whole nutha blog post waiting to be written up about how painting trim makes me feel.

After everything was so fresh/so clean clean, Troy went to work installing shelves for cleaning products.

My fella used a system of positionable closet stuffs, plus a pegboard, and after a little elbow grease CHECK IT OUT CHECK IT OUT!

I am STUPIDLY excited to have a place to put my carpet cleaner and my dust rags and my paper towels. I am STUPIDLY excited to be able to hang up my broom and my mop instead of just leaning them against walls and in corners. Oh holy wow, I am STUPIDLY excited not to have that NASTY yellow room/closet anymore!

The strides we’ve taken on the house during the past week make me want to twirl around the Austrian hillside teaching the Von Trapp children how to sing — and how to OPEN THEIR HEARTS TO LOVE. This is how happy the laundry room has me, you guys.

Comments on Sara’s heavenly laundry room makeover

  1. I love this! Great job at making use of good space and making it brighter.

    My laundry room is a horror story and some… So this is helping me get ideas for my gut job (it’s that bad… I’m going to need to rip it apart).

  2. As a person who is borderline crazy over the littlest of things organizational… have knocked me over and killed me with this. Color me jealous. In my current rental the washer is over there —> and the dryer is in a little hole over there <—, across the dining room, completely inconvenient. The fact that you have shelving, bins, storage, side by side appliances, a place to hang your ironing board, etc……I die. I seriously die.

  3. Oh this post couldn’t have come at a better time!! We’re closing on our house on Friday and moving our stuff in Monday. I think the weekend might need a few hours to do this exact thing to our almost identical laundry “room,” right down to the rickety shelf. Might as well do it before the washer and dryer are in!

  4. I love it! if only the laundry closet at our last rental had looked that wonderful. Now i have to figure out how to make my tiny laundry/sewing room in our new rental work….

  5. My laundry room is next up on my list of home repairs… this is beautiful inspiration 🙂

    Also – I live in Dallas! We could be offbeat friends IRL! (You know, if that’s not too creepy-internet-stalkery and all… :-/ ) But it’s hard to meet offbeat peeps in this city!)

  6. Wow I can tell from your pictures that you have the same layout as my Grandparents house in Temple TX. Thats so freaky, must be the same builder.

  7. oh wow, I want to sing about your beautiful pink walls! THEY ARE AMAZING!! And I loathe pink, so that’s saying something! I want your pink walls.

    And the laundry is quite lovely too ;D

  8. The laundry is the one room in the house that i’m dying to makeover. It has to be amazing as you have to walk through it to get to the backyard and it can’t be hidden behind doors so it needs to be a bit special! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I do Cat! Laundry is my favorite 🙂 I am not even joking. I would do all of the laundry forever if it meant I didn’t have to do dishes. I think you already touched on this in your article about dividing up chores. Very beautiful work Sara, it makes me miss having in suite laundry very much, one day I will have it again, one day!!!! <3

  10. Haha my fiance and I were just discussing our laundry reno last night – Cat, for the record there is nothing boring about the laundry (except maybe doing it, though I find singing Laundry Day from Dr Horrible makes it better).

    We’re planning extensive work starting after our wedding next year, so these types of home makeover features are awesome! Hopefully we can feature something someday!

  11. Oh, man, this is inspiring. Our laundry room needs to be made over in the worst way (seriously, the ceiling is made of wood beams and insulation) but I felt bad for caring about it because of its humble status…

  12. Fantastic! Laundry rooms are so neglected. I have searched high and low for nice ones for inspiration as we’ve been working on sprucing ours up over the past year. It was pretty blah when we first moved in.

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