How to use a shoe organizer to tame a box of unruly cords

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We have this basket that’s become the wire/electronics/camera bin. It lives on a shelf (seen lurking in the background of this shot) and Tavi has recently discovered it. Time to clean it up! I rescued all the camera/electronics out first, and then let Beans have his way with it for a while:

Snakepit before

Then I took all the cords out and went through them. The rough breakdown:

  • 30% for electronics we no longer have
  • 20% redundant USB cords
  • 20% for electronics we have but rarely use/don’t need cords for
  • 30% useful, relevant cords

I got rid of a lot, and then organized the remaining cords into an unused shoe organizer in the hall closet. The end result, with a random boomerang:

Snakepit after

Next organizational thing to tackle: the hall closet itself.

Where's Tavi

It’s actually not that bad — just a few big things out of place that make it look crazy. And that baby, hiding in the back.

Comments on How to use a shoe organizer to tame a box of unruly cords

  1. 1. awesome storage/organization idea for the cords
    2. awesome boomerang
    3. awesome baby hiding in the back 🙂 I actually laughed out loud and woke up my quietly nursing/sleeping 8-month-old. Thanks!

  2. We have three of those bins/drawers, plus one in the loft. We’re big geeks. I think we even have cords for things we don’t have any more – just in case.

    I should sort that out, really, shouldn’t I?!!

    PS: Loving hiding Tavi. Made me giggle out loud.

  3. Great idea – will use! I’ve been eying our 3-4 cable-filled baskets/plastic boxes for a while now, though at first I was pretty proud of myself for at least getting the cables, adapters, etc. corralled into those! 😉

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