Cleaning up cords and chargers: declutter your tangled nerdy secrets

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Remember Ariel’s trick for organizing electronic cords and small goods?

Homie Annabel Vita improved upon Ariel’s project with a simple addition:

How to stop cords and chargers being your dirty little secret

Add binder clips and small photos to a door-hanging shoe caddy and your cords, chargers and handheld gaming systems will never, ever be lost again.

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    • Mine too… I finally sorted them by type in labelled ziplock bags. It was just a situation of “I can’t find that cable so I’m going to by a new one.” Sigh.

      • Why are we always the ones organising the stupid things when they want to keep them?
        I am so gonna make my partner do this, now we just have a drawer, a box and serveral bags of tangeled wires with no idea what is actually there…

  1. What perfect timing! I’ve recently shifted our wardrobe so we can actually get at some pockets on the side (I think they’re for shoes but they’re too small really) and I was wondering what to do with them. I was also wondering what to do with a pile of chargers that used to sit in the corner tangled up. Now I know. 😀

    Also while we’re on the subject of cords using a label maker, or just tip-ex if the plug part is big enough to label them is super helpful. It means when you find them in a tangled ball at least you know what you’ve found, and I would have saved a lot of time and trouble when we moved if I’d realised the random extra power cord was from the PC monitor and that’s why it would’t switch on!

  2. i use this exact same idea in the bathroom! we have a plastic one so things like lotions and shampoos dont spill and get all gunky in the cloth ones. When my daughter was young I put fun colorful stickers on the pouches that had her things or things she could use in them. It’s a brilliant idea and works for just about everything…EXCEPT for shoes! I find it a horrible invention for shoes…. 🙂

  3. The Dude and I went out and bought a huge pack of zip-ties in all different colors and attacked our “tech drawer”. We zip-tied the chords in little coils in different colors depending on what they’re used for and put them back in the drawer in order of how often we use them.When we get a house, I’d love to do a door hanging thing like this!

  4. Husband and I both work in IT, as does one of our flatmates.

    Our solution is a set of those stackable plastic drawers – each drawer is about 5L, we have ten of them! – with labels on the front. It’s at least under control, even if I suspect the cables are actually breeding back there.

  5. I just used this idea to clean up my TINY entryway. We were constantly having stuff pile up – shoes, umbrellas, dog leashes, random clutter. The bottom rows are for our shoes we wear most often (and consequently end up in the floor most often). And the other pockets are labeled for storing the random clutter. A few empty pockets are used by guests to keep up with their keys, phone, wallets, etc when they come over. So far it seems to be working great!

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