V is for Vader: geeky and nerdy baby fashion from ThinkGeek

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V is for Vader Creeper = $19.99

CALLING ALL BREEDERS OF BABY NERDS: it’s about to get reeeeal cute and real nerdy in here! When I happily found ThinkGeek’s V is For Vader onesie ($19.99) I immediately started making a list of everyone I knew who a) has a newborn and b) loves Star Wars. Fortunately for ThinkGeek, that list is long and mighty! And fortunately for you, the nerdy baby offerings don’t stop there.

Here are a few of my faves — they include a n00b shirt, binary code for little ones, and yes… a few more Star Wars-themed options:

R2’s version: $19.99!

Of COURSE no nerdy alphabet is complete without the matching R is For R2D2 Creeper!

Made with Love (and Science!): $9.09.

Just in case you want to get REAL LEGIT: babies are made with love! AND SCIENCE.

Superhero Snapsuits: $18.99 (each).

Lookit: they’ve got Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Superheroes in the house!

Size Matters Not Creeper: $19.99

This is the Yoda, Ewok, Jawa, and R2D2-featuring baby onesie you were looking for.

Biohazard Creeper: $12.99

It’s time for real talk: babies are basically rolling, crawling, and walking disaster zones at least half the time. I’m pretty sure biohazard is exactly the word you could use.

n00b Creeper: $12.99


Babyglow Bodysuit: $39.99

I couldn’t round out this list without mentioning this Babyglow Bodysuit — the suit changes colors when your baby’s temperature does! It starts out blue, and if/when your kiddo goes above 98.6 the bodysuit fades out to white. I’m not saying you should throw out your thermometer now, but… if the suit fits!

The ThinkGeek Kids Stuff section is crammed full with games, clothing, and more to quench just about kind of nerdy thirst… (*whispers* may the Force be with you)!

Comments on V is for Vader: geeky and nerdy baby fashion from ThinkGeek

  1. Is there anyone out there who has purchased onesies from ThinkGeek and can vouch for their quality? Are they good quality (soft for baby, relatively durable) and true to size? These are adorable, but I would hate to buy them and find out that they are scratchy or cheap, and the feedback on the site all seems to relate to adorableness.

  2. We bought the Wonder Woman onesie for a friends baby girl and I was impressed with the quality. It was a thicker T-shirt type material and I’d imagine it would last for several small people. Not sure how the image holds up though.

    The Made With Science onesie makes me almost want to try more infertility treatments.

  3. Just when I thought I had my shopping self-control whipped into shape – we’re only 10 weeks preggers (after trying to create a family for 6 years) so no gender yet – and then you just had to show us these.
    MUST. HAVE. THESE. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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