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Sweet organic goodness your offbeatling can wear, play with, or sleep in

The first thing I do whenever I find a new place online filled to the brim with sweet baby-and-toddler clothing goodness is cruise over to the “sale” section. This is half because I have this thing about buying new clothes (why do it when there are so many gently used clothes just lying around) and partly because I can’t bring myself to justify spending a third of my rent on something for my two-and-a-half-year-old to wear. SO color me stoked when I discovered that Wild Dill’s sale section is the cutest thing this side of… wherever they’re from.

Want free baby swag? Start hosting neighborhood baby swaps!

To start your swap, invite people with kids who are within a few years age of your kids. Invite pregnant couples, friends of friends with kids, neighbors, people from playgroup, etc. It’s ok if some people don’t have anything to donate — there is always plenty of stuff. I use Facebook events but any means you use to get the word out will do. I like to host our swaps potluck style, and I usually provide coffee, tea, and juice. But you know… mimosas might be fun.

Colorful toddler boy shoes that aren’t blah brown

Oh, little boys. You seriously get the shit end of the stick when it comes to apparel. Or I guess I should say “shit-colored,” because everything is brown. Or if it’s not brown, it’s navy blue. Or maybe black. I went on a hunt the other day for cute, brightly colored shoes for Tavi, and I thought I’d share some of my non-brown findings here.

A guide for friends and family of parents with a Preemie

Being a parent of a preemie is hard, and being a friend of a parent of a preemie can also be pretty tough. Here’s a few helpful hints, tips, and things you can get for the awesome preemie in your life!

Adorable (and smart!) clothes for you and the baby from Eat Your Vocabulary

Some of you may remember Joriel — she wrote a tutorial for us about how to do baby shower onesies that, well, don’t suck. And now she’s opened an Etsy shop full of her unique take on smartypants clothes for mamas and their babies.

Merino wool sleep sack review

At five months, Tavi’s getting to that age where he’s so excited about his increasing mobility that he’s squidging non-stop in his sleep. A blanket laid over him when he goes to bed is a blanket that he’s squirmed out from underneath in about half an hour. Or, even worse, he wakes up screaming with […]

How to DIY your own Ruffle Bib Tutorial

Ruby is three and a half months old. This means she drools. A lot. I didn’t want to go out and spend a bunch on ugly bibs with sayings like ‘Daddy’s Princess’ on them (no offense if you’re into those) so I bought one ugly bib and then used it as a pattern to make […]

Feeding my cloth diaper hankering

Ok, you can count me among the obsessed. If I wasnt a hippie, I would probably cloth diaper just for the fact that disposables don’t come in Skull print. But seriously, how cute are these diaper covers from Rethinkcrafts? SO freakin cute, and competitively priced with other similar covers. These are covers for prefolds. But […]